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HEX is a protein docking software used for molecular superimposition of various macromolecules

GRAMM a program for protein docking

GeneDoc is a tool for visulaizing , editing and analysing multiple alignment of genes.

3-D dock is a docking software for dock protein-protein as well as protein ligand.

GNU Dock is a tool for docking nucleiotide sequence.

Lig Builder used to construct ligand molecules with the constraints of target molecules.

Spack tool for docking macro-molecules

X-Score, gives graphical and stastitical score for docked product.

AutoDock is a docking software commonly used for docking all kind of protein and ligand.

About Bioinformatics

Current efforts in molecular biology are producing an abundance of data that provides exciting opportunities for knowledge discovery, as well as an increasing problem of information overload. Bioinformatics concerns the development of new software and tools for the analysis of genomic and molecular biological data, which include

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